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About Social Bluebook

Another innovative platform, Social Blue Book aims at providing a market place where influencers can first evaluate their marketing power through proprietary algorithms and then offer their services to marketers looking for new advertising channels. It has already thousands of influencers on the platform and the challenges are both scalability of the algorithms used and integrating the platform with as many social media outlets as possible.


Some of the improvements we have done:

Cybertech redesigned website interface, making it intuitive for influencers to evaluate their marketing power and for marketers to find suitable advertising channels with ease.
Algorithmic Scalability Mastery - Cybertech optimized and scaled the algorithms, ensuring efficient evaluation of marketing power for thousands of influencers while maintaining accuracy and speed.
Ensuring compliance with data security and privacy regulations while handling sensitive influencer data.
Our SEO experts worked diligently to enhance the client's website visibility, resulting in improved search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.


Night Vision Guys faced several challenges in their pursuit of excellence:

Managing user adoption dynamics for the revamped UX, ensuring influencers and marketers embraced the changes positively.
Fine-tuning algorithms for optimal precision, balancing accuracy with the scalability needed for a growing user base.
Overcoming challenges in achieving real-time integration with constantly evolving social media platforms.
With an increasing number of users accessing websites through mobile devices, the client wanted to ensure their platform was fully optimized for mobile usage.

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Cybertech's strategic interventions propelled Social BlueBook into a new era of success. Influencer onboarding efficiency had a semnificant increase, creating a more dynamic community. Seamless social media integrations broadened the platform's reach, connecting influencers with diverse audiences. Refinements to the smart valuation system enhanced accuracy, offering influencers and marketers invaluable insights. The revamped user experience earned positive feedback, elevating satisfaction and usability for influencers and marketers alike. Social BlueBook's digital evolution is a testament to the transformative power of Cybertech's expertise.

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Night Vision Guys

Felix Teper

‘’We couldn't be more thrilled with Cybertech's exceptional work on our website! They truly understood our vision and brought it to life with their innovative solutions.’’

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