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About Night Vision Guys

When Nightvisionguys first came to us they were one of the many online distributors of several big players in their niche market which also meant price control. Therefore this niche is extremely competitive, with lots of distributors and very little leeway in terms of pricing. The only difference could lie in presentation. We overhauled their site completely using the powerful Magento platform to give them features many of their competitors didn’t have. The result was an immediate doubling of their business followed by steady increases over the following years. However this meant a continuous re-investment of profits into web development to stay ahead of the competition.


Some of the improvements we have done:

Our team of skilled designers created a modern, sleek, and intuitive website design that showcased the client's products effectively. The new design embodied Night Vision Guys' commitment to cutting-edge technology.
We integrated a powerful e-commerce system that enabled seamless browsing and purchasing, making it effortless for customers to explore and buy products.
To engage users and provide valuable information, we implemented an interactive product showcase, complete with detailed specifications and product comparisons.
Recognizing the significance of mobile users, we adopted a mobile-first approach to ensure an optimized experience for visitors across all devices.
Our SEO experts worked diligently to enhance the client's website visibility, resulting in improved search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.


Night Vision Guys faced several challenges in their pursuit of excellence:

Their existing website did not reflect the advanced technology they offered, leading to a suboptimal user experience and an outdated brand image.
Night Vision Guys needed a robust e-commerce platform to streamline the buying process for their customers and increase sales.
Engaging with potential customers was difficult, as the website lacked interactive features and engaging content.
With an increasing number of users accessing websites through mobile devices, the client wanted to ensure their platform was fully optimized for mobile usage.

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By delivering a revamped website, an enhanced e-commerce platform, and engaging customer experiences, Night Vision Guys emerged as a dominant force in the night vision technology market.

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Night Vision Guys

Felix Teper

‘’We couldn't be more thrilled with Cybertech's exceptional work on our website! They truly understood our vision and brought it to life with their innovative solutions.’’

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